Girl left paralysed down one side after suffering a stroke at school

STROKE is a disease that only affects the elderly ... right?

Not always, as one Bundaberg family knows first hand after 11-year-old Jade Carney was struck down at school last month.

There are no answers as to why the fit, healthy and typical Avoca State School Year 6 student had a blood clot in her brain.

Now she is in a Brisbane hospital undergoing strenuous rehabilitation, learning to move again.

It was nearly the end of last term, a normal school day for Jade, one of the school’s athletic stars, and she was running laps of the oval when she stopped suddenly, the Sunshine Coast Daily reports.

She was conscious but not a

Her mother Lindsey Morse said she was paralysed down her right side.

“She couldn’t move her right arm or leg,” she said.

“She couldn’t speak or tell us what was wrong.”

Ms Morse said there was no family history of stroke.

Doctors performed myriad tests trying to work out what was wrong.

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