How To Use Prayer To Get Anything You Want (And Where’s The Catch)

[quote]Prayer – when you strip it off down to basics, to it’s very core, and there’s no more religion included, prayer becómes one of the most powérful tools of manifestation that anyone can use to attract anything, and everything. In order to understand how to use prayer to get new car or receive guidance on the spíritual path simple continue reading through this article.

Those of you who ever heard of Huna might recognize the form of prayer which I’m about to teach – what you’re going to learn is a prayer of manifestation of great life, a very important tool for those who wish to líve in abundance.

[quote]Personally, I pray in simple way – first, I define my goal and analyse if I feel any negative emotions about it. They signify that I have blockages on my subconscious mind that might prohibit me from manifesting my goal. So I work these blockages out, through core images work or affirmations. Then, I create a prayer, and pray for few minutes each day, until my goal is achieved. This is how I became a successful author and Reiki teacher :).

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I read once that why people who pray for money and it doesn't cóme is because they actually have a deep seated fear of the responsibility of money so they actually push away having any.... even though on the surface they sincerely desire money. A bit of a paradox but I believe it to be true, hence why in the article it mentions blockages.